aeroíx at night of the sciences 13.6.2009 in Berlin


The aeroíx team presented - together with the establishment service DO Berlin, Institut for fluid mechanics and technical acoustics, which fields of activity for building physics and building constructions as well as bionics and evolution technology - which is possible already today in the range of the mobile and flexible thermal insulation.

The first thermal insulated balloon is scarcely 20 meters high and with crumbling wind (max. wind force 2-3) at the house of building/Peter Behrens resounding on the doing campus in Wedding a teatherd balloon is going to be build up. Beside the balloon a thermal insulated Eventzelt with information stand and further sample applications of the innovative aerofabríx thermal insulation will have to be seen. With equivalent body warmth heated expedition tents demonstrate the effect of the thermal insulation, which can save human lives in extreme situations. With tents the insulation contributes also substantially to the comfort and protection from heat and cold weather. Only few going minutes far away in the field route 76 will itself in the testing halls DO beside tiny Micro air vehicles large thermal insulated model balloons into air to raise.

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