World record with aerofabríx thermal insulation - seven one half hours in the insulating hot-air balloon


After the introduction of the EcoMagic balloons with aerofabríx thermal insulation one year ago the unusual performance of the new balloon material and the comparatively high durability got around themselves among ambitious pilots fast.
Mark of Shemilt, which steers otherwise with enormous passenger balloons by the sky over England, has itself now a dream realized and of Pierrick Duvoisin over-bid the straight only freshly set up perseverance record.

The record balloon belongs to the secondarysmallest class AX-02 with a total volume of max. 400 m3. Thus the possible take-off mass of this aircraft amounts to approx. 150 kg, at very deep outside temperatures even over it. Contrary to the past record balloons in this class, which were manufactured partially from foils, this balloon is now made of a robust and everyday life-suited covering and in such a way plans Marks of Shmelit already further record trips with this balloon.


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