Controlling the powers of nature has always been a challenge of mankind. In the context of the bionic learning network, Festo has faced this challenge with the CyberKite, a kite system with a cybernetic control unit, which was developed in cooperation with aeroix. The assignment of the engineers was to be able to control the wind as a unpredictable factor and to keep a ram air kite permanently in the air.

Wind energy represents today a substantial contribution for renewable current supply. In the comparison to water power the availability is however restricted due to strong fluctuations. Winds at heigher altitudes are blowing stronger and more continuous.

Kites can easily ascent into large heights. The kite technology offers the potential to produce energy less expensive and more economic than by use of any other renewable energy source, while competing with fosille energy on a very low cost.

Based on the comprehensive know-how from the project CyberKite and other projects in the field of applied aeronautics and wind energy, aeroix initiated the development of a new generation of kite wind energy plants.

The worlds first steam balloon. Aeroíx developes alternative buoyant system for airships and balloons fro more than a decade. Thermal insulation and steam as an extremly cost-efficient lifting gas are representing the key technologies towards affordable and powerful flights - lighter than air.

Swimming in the air like a fish in water. aeroíx developed an experimental airship prototype using fishlike propulsion an electrical activated polymers (EAP) within the frame of contract with EMPA (Switzerland)...