EnerKite - Solutions for Kite Power Plants

Wind power represents today a substantial contribution for clean energy. In comparison to fossil energy sources or even to water power the availability is however restricted due to strong fluctuations of the wind speed.  Conventional wind power plants are delivering less than their rated power most of the time. On windy days however some wind turbines were cut off form the grid in order to avoid overloads. Winds at heigher altitudes are blowing stronger and more continuous. Harnessing these winds is already discussed for over one hundred years. Modern control concepts and innovative materials and design methods let these goals appear to be realistic and achievable today. Already in 400 m height, compared with a hub height of conventional WKAs of 100 m the wind energy content is about 2,5-times higher. 

Kites do not require complex support structures, in order to gain energy from the stronger winds in 100 - 1000 m height. Even if the windspeed at ground remains small, due to orographical reasons, kites deliver still considerable forces and energy contributions in larger height. The kite technology offers the potential to produce energy less expensive and more economic than by use of any other renewable energy source, while competing with fosille energy on a very low cost.

Based on the comprehensive know-how from the project CyberKite and other projects in the field of applied aeronautics and wind energy, aeroix initiated the development of a new generation of wind energy plants by use of EnerKites.

EnerKite comprises complete and well adjusted power generating system which delivers rated power at 50%, and produces energy at least 80% of the time. EnerKites aiming to be much cheaper than any other renewable energy. Facing a completly new technology and being aware of scaling issues, aeroix follows the path of progressive development in possible small steps. Each step - however - shall incorporate sustainable product developments.